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I talked with mom today, about the house, how frustrating everything is, and whatnot.  I know that she's really not doing well - I could hear it in her voice as I said goodbye, that she was ready to cry.  I wish I could do more -- make the mortgage company and the home builders and the insurance companies all meet in some big happy rainbow and sunshine place, shake hands, pass checks, and *poof*, my parents would have the house that fire took away.  It has been... just under six months (25 Mar 09) since the fire, and they have gone through so much.

Like any family coping with and dealing with loss, we have all had our ups and downs, but my parents have been INCREDIBLE.  Their patience with the insurance company, then the mortgage company... both of which showed varying but significant degrees of ineptitude... it amazes me. 

Anyway, progress is finally being made, albeit slowly.  There was a hole for the basement about 1/3 of it's full size on Tuesday; I believe that the basement has been dug out fully by now, and the masons are coming tomorrow to work with the builders on the order.  That's a major step, visually.  We can't see the progress on the house because it's in some climate controlled, hermetically sealed bubble (probably on Area 51)... but to see the vacant lot all summer long... heartbreaking.

One note of humor - since the area has remained relatively untouched, some of mom's seeds from last fall's window basket germinated and grew -- she pulled a few gourds and pumpkins up last week.  Of course, she's horrible about taking pics and sending them to me, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, back to the point of my verbal diarrhea... I was having a stupendous day earlier today - almost manic (between accomplishing many tasks to actually receiving a huge compliment from my supervisor).... but now I'm bummed... more than bummed -  I know that I can't do anything, but I feel helpless -- something that I'm truthfully not used to.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.  I plan on coming home after work, working out a bit, and ruining my diet with a glass or two of wine, some food and a movie with the bro and Chris.
I'm so sorry that you and your parents are still suffering from the fire. :-\ Hope you have a relaxing weekend!!
:( Poor Momma Wise. My thoughts are with her. Have a relaxing weekend hun