So the birthday plans have been set, and the invitations sent out.  Nate, myself and 13 friends and coworkers are heading out to the Envy Lounge in Albany.  I didn't realize that October 4-10 was Restaurant Week, so we're darn lucky to be able to get a reservation just 2 days before RW starts.  (Normally, places are booked weeks in advance, but they were like, 15? sure, we can make a table for you" (kaching, kaching))


So for all you Albanians, get your reservations in ASAP.  For more information, visit Albany Downtown BID


After dinner, some of us will probably go out to a club or something -- maybe Waterworks or OhBar -- to get our dance on and our drink on.  More info on that as it's planned - that's an open invite for locals.


So yeah, I'm pretty excited.  At first, it was going to be a small gathering of debauchery, but now it's kind of blossomed into a large cluster of debauchery.  I've never been out with my coworkers, so I'm really looking forward to it - we're a crazy bunch but we put the FUN in dysfunctional (... or is that F.U.)!

Other than that, it's a pretty crazy week or so ahead... so it's time to bring out the old planner post, compliments of


Saturday 10-3
* Go out to buy fall decorations (yay, mums) w/ Ashley
* Dishes and other such chores
* 6pm Andrew's Bachelor party: location: top secret (hint, it involves a midget... err... dwarf... err.. little person).  and perhaps body paint.

Sunday 10-4
* photo shoot downtown, weather permitting (I'm contemplating putting some stuff up for a small gallery display, need more stock photos)
* shopping for wedding gifts and birthday gifts

Monday 10-5
* Workin' 9 to 5... actually 7-4:30
* Finish up my health education & outreach survey write-up
* finish the physician's guide to expedited partner therapy
* get hairs cut for the wedding; sorry kids, no mani/pedi... papa's got cash flow problems this week  :-P

Tuesday 10-6
* Workin' again
* Finish up on the media campaign NYC review
* Finish the rest of the EPT materials

Wednesday 10-7
* Workin' yet again
* Have a happy hump day
* Work with Brigitte on the public health detailing mapping for Monroe Cty & Western Rgn
* Write contract language for 2010 bathhouse screening projects (shout out to AIDS Council of Northeastern NY, AIDS Rochester and AIDS Community Resources in Syracuse)

Thursday 10-8
* Workin' still... i think i can, i think i can
* Sign up for the continuing education seminars in November
* Research the state/PEF college course reimbursement program
* Get the tux for the wedding... lookin' dapper, if I must say
* Out with Carebear to celebrate the end of an era.  Farewell, 20's

Friday 10-9
* Happy Birthday, Nate & Michael
* Still workin'.... maybe I'll bring in cupcakes like mom used to do in elementary school before everyone got paranoid
* Make hotel reservations for Syracuse training in Nov
* Finish up Partner Services quarterly update/review
* Review Sept/Oct lit journals for new articles to share w/ counties and pro staff
* Prep for next week
* Partay like it's mah birthday!  It's time to rock out with your c*ck out, jam out with your cl@m out!

Saturday 10-10
* Rehearsal dinner

Sunday 10-11
* Dum Dum dah Dum.
* Reception
* Sleep off the Etoh

Monday 10-12
* Still sleep off the Etoh
* Detox like a mo'fo!