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Okay, so the weekend is over -- it went by far too quickly, in my opinion. 

Andrew's bachelor party was great -- we went to some restaurant in Latham (Otis and someone's) -- great sirloin salad, and good conversation considering I was sitting next to 2 people that I didn't know at all (friends of Andrew's father).  We then headed over to The Comedy Works, where we saw some guy that is the warm-up act for the Rachel Ray show (gag, I almost vomited just typing her name), and Brad Williams, a comedian who happens to be a midget err dwarf err little person.  Whatever he is, he's HYSTERICAL!!!  Go search for him on youtube - you'll love it!
We then went to The Recovery Room, which closes at 12 on a Saturday night... WTF, and then Junior's.. yum rum punches!  Good times, low-key, nothing over the top, but definitely a good time.

Today, I was in a grey mood for a while... matching the weather, and just didn't feel right.  It certainly didn't help that I slept funny, and my neck/left shoulder was killing me most of the day.  I did get a chance to hang out with Dee after she & her boy dealt with some d-to-the-rama.  UGH!

We went to Starbucks, where I gagged down a really gross iced coffee with pumpkin syrup and skim milk.  Why is it that the nonfat pumpkin spice latte tastes great, but ya try and save a few bucks, and it's like drinking pureed roadkill?

Then we headed over to the SEFCU arena (formerly known as the RACC) at UA, where there was a "community expo" or some other title... It was basically a blood drive and 5 rows of community organizations peddling their wares (brochures) and asking for alms.  A couple of the rows were kind of depressing... walking down and being bombarded with breast cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, assn for the blind, and maybe even a charity for those affected by flesh-eating bacteria.  Yep, way to lift the spirits up!

So we wandered over to Indian Quad, where the staff were having a "Fall-a-palooza" or some silly title.  Basically, there was music, food, and a table for fun stuff to do related to a fall holiday (I saw yom kippur/rosh hashanah (sp?); dia de los muertos; Halloween; and maybe another one that I can't remember.  Then it was home time... just before the rain started.

Anyway, I just realized that I have to modify my planner slightly because tomorrow is my pass day... yay no work; boo having a ton of other things to do.  Pretty easy - just pawn some work stuff onto Tuesday.

My two main goals for tomorrow: replace the latches on the cabinetry so they actually stay closed (gasp), and work on my application for the Certificate in Nonprofit Management, offered at Rockefeller College (UAlbany).  It's a program that I have looked into before; it's only 5 graduate courses, but I'm going to focus on the management/fiscal aspect of it... at least that's the plan since I've never taken a management course in my life!  HA, it'll be great.  Anyway, the deadline is NOV 15 for Spring admission... wheee doggie!

Saturday 10-3
* Go out to buy fall decorations (yay, mums) w/ Ashley
* Dishes and other such chores
* 6pm Andrew's Bachelor party: location: top secret (hint, it involves a midget... err... dwarf... err.. little person).  and perhaps body paint.

Sunday 10-4
* photo shoot downtown, weather permitting (I'm contemplating putting some stuff up for a small gallery display, need more stock photos)
* shopping for wedding gifts and birthday gifts

Monday 10-5
* Workin' 9 to 5... actually 7-4:30
* complete application for certificate program.
* get hairs cut for the wedding; sorry kids, no mani/pedi... papa's got cash flow problems this week  :-P

Tuesday 10-6
* Workin' again
* Finish up my health education & outreach survey write-up
* finish the physician's guide to expedited partner therapy
* Finish up on the media campaign NYC review
* Finish the rest of the EPT materials

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