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spaces and places

where i've been and want to be

certifiably Benj. grade A fancy.
9 October 1979
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As promised, and as procrastinated... a new biographical sketch.
Dantesprayer is an online collection of snapshots ripped into words. Moments in time that inspire me, sadden me, even bore me. They have all captured my attention and have found themselves a home, decorated with electrons and twelve-point font.

Benj, or Ben as most people know him, is a public health educator for an STD program, which means that he gets to talk about sex all day... but it's usually drippy, smelly peens and va-jayjays. He has lived in New York state all of his life, with plans and hopes to change that in the near future. His career goals include working in college health promotions, inspiring people of all ages to improve their lives in search of a piece of nirvana. In addition, he wants to eventually own and operate a bed and breakfast, bookstore and cafe with his closest friends.

He writes poetry, often bad prose, and seldom cares for such nuances as meter or rhyme. He is an artist of sorts, enthralled with the image more than the process. He is an amateur photographer, currently in the market for a new SLR camera (donations are gladly accepted). He is a twin, a libra, and gay.

---- (nope, this hasn't changed - I like them too much) ----

i wish that i had a cool name
like dante
instead of boring ben
because i would not have had to deal
with ben dover
all through childhood
and just have been the cause
of a great fire

but maybe i am the cause
of a great fire
(c)2003 Ben Wise

set the world on fire
without a match
Instill passion
in whaterver you do
And live each day
leaving people behind
with a smile.
(c)2004 Ben Wise

In August 2008, I took a trip to Montreal, Quebec, and took some really great photos there. I had them up on my flickr account, and an editor from a web-tourism guide asked to use one of them for their guide to Montreal. The end result is one of the photos for the Biodome is here

The actual pic is this one:
The Biosphere
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